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IBIS PRESS/NICOLAS HAYS is dedicated to to providing the finest spiritual literature available today. We specialize in publishing books from both classic and modern sources that outline the basis and development of the world's Mystery Traditions. Our subjects include Alchemy, Astrology, Depth Psychology, Magick, Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, and the many other paths of human striving for union with the Infinite. We welcome your interest and look forward to earning your trust and loyalty.

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Medieval Mysteries by Karen Ralls jpeg Ibis Press

Rainbow Body
A History of the Western Chakra System from Blavatsky to Brennan
Kurt Leland

• The first history of the Western chakra system (a term that has not been used before)
• Chronology of how the Eastern chakra system developed in South Asia over thousands of years>
• Extensive documentation of rare sources, forgotten figures, and lost teachings on the chakras from East and West
• The author has published eight books on Theosophical history and possibilities of consciousness. He is a National Lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America

Scores of books have been written on the chakras—psychoenergetic centers distributed along the spine, perceived clairvoyantly as wheels of light. Based on the teachings of Indian Tantra, the chakras have been used for centuries as focal points for healing, meditation, and achieving a gamut of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, from improved health to ultimate enlightenment

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The Dark Lord by Peter Levenda jpeg Ibis Press

Exploring the Financial Universe
The Role of the Sun and Planets and Financial Activity
Christeen H. Skinner

• A view of the correlation between planetary cycles and financial markets
• Forecasts for 2017 and beyond
• The author is well respected and active in the field of Financial Astrology

The role of the Sun, planets and stars and their influence on global markets is intriguing to traders and investors alike. Christeen Skinner’s research shows very definite links between major stock market movements and the position of the planets. This book will be of interest to those with little understanding of astrology as well as to those well-versed in the subject. The work includes charts, graphs and horoscopes and explanation of some of the techniques used for astro-financial forecasting.

The author presents case studies in business astrology and an explanation of some astro-finance trading techniques.

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The Dark Lord by Peter Levenda jpeg Ibis Press

Shakespeare and the Stars
The Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright
Priscilla Costello

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, this book offers fresh and exciting insights into the ever-popular works of the world’s greatest playwright. It specifically highlights Shakespeare’s use of the archetypal language of astrological symbolism in both obvious and subtle ways. The deeper significance of such references is often lost to modern-day playgoers and readers.

The author demonstrates that many of Shakespeare’s plays are entirely keyed to a specific zodiacal sign and its associated (or ruling) planet. Shakespeare’s audience would have grasped their significance in revealing character, foreshadowing plot, and establishing key themes for each play. The first half of the book provides the necessary background for understanding the plays by describing the synthesis of both classical and Christian ideas at the time. The seven planets were considered an integral part of the cosmos—instrumental in shaping human character. The Elizabethan worldview also explains the use of music, images, and symbols in the plays. .

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Initiation in the Aeon of the Child by J. Daniel Gunther paperback jpeg Ibis Press

The Sworn Book of Honorius
Liber Iuratus Honorii
Honorius of Thebes, With Text, Translation, and Commentary by Joseph Peterson

• One of the oldest and most influential texts on medieval magic (dating to the fourteenth-century)
• Translated for the first time since a partial translation was done in the sixteenth-century.
• Complete system of magic: including how to attain the divine vision, communicate with holy angels, and control aerial, earthly, and infernal spirits for practical gain
• Key text used by John Dee, who owned two of the most important manuscripts, influencing his Enochian magic and its modern derivatives.
• Largely ignored by historians until recently, this text is an important witness to the transmission of Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism to Christians
• Includes the complete Latin text, carefully checked against known manuscripts, and related texts in Latin, German, and English
• Brings new light to obscure elements found in other texts (like Heptameron)

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Initiation in the Aeon of the Child by J. Daniel Gunther paperback jpeg Ibis Press

Managing the Mind
A Commonsense Guide to Patanjali's Yogasutra
Devadatta Kali

• The Yogasutra of Patanjali is described as an owner’s manual for the human mind and how the mind can be used in the quest for Truth
• Presents this most important text on Yoga and meditation in clear and straightforward English
• The commentary presents a simple explanation of the realities of everyday living, the management of the mind, and the practices that lead to enlightenment

The famed Yogasutra of Patanjali has stood the test of time. It is the most famous and important instructions in the field, at the very least, some 2,000-year-old and likely even older. Patanjali compiled a systematic and comprehensive manual on the science and art of meditation in a series of sentences that reach to the very heart of the spiritual life. A spiritual tool for the lay practitioner, while offering a path to deeper scholarship.

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